Welcome to Cluj, băiețaș!

This is the second time I come in Cluj. The first time was about 10 years ago (I was to small so I don’t remember much). I don’t know what was the reason back then, but now I came to present my project with OM Ships.

I did not get to see too much of the city today I got here too late, but the things I saw were interesting. I ate and then I went to check in at the place where I was staying. Now comes the story 🙂

The transilvanian* cliché

I politely went to the administrator of the building, a nice old man (about 65) who was doing stuff in his warehouse. I say:

– Good evening!

– Good evening!

–  Excuse me for disturbing! My name is Robert I am with the guys from OM, I am here first because I have traveled by train and the rest of the team is driving here so they will be late. I would like to check in, if it’s possible! I said all these words lively (but not fast, in my oppinion).

– Wait, wait, wait! Don’t speak so fast! I was thinking: „Hmm, weird, was I fast?”

– „Aaaa”. I am Robert, I am with the OM team and I would like to…

– Wait, Wait! You’re from Bucharest**, aren’t you? „Not really, I was born in Brașov, I’ve lived 14 years in Buzău and now I’m studying in Bucharest”, but I answer:

– Yes.

He says:

-No, păi, măi băiețaș(some slang and the word „lad”), I am from Transilvania … I speak slower, I don’t understand a word you’re saying, please speak slower!

In my mind: „why should I speak slower, why don’t YOU listen faster?”. But politely I did what he asked.

From this point on everything happens very slow. I checked in… eventually. 😀

The end***.

*Transilvania is a region in Romania. (For the sake of the story: people in this region tend to speak very, very slow).

**The people in Bucharest are very fast in all they do and especially in speaking. 🙂

*** This story is funnier if you’re Romanian, not because we laugh to bad jokes, but more because it’s the cultural context that’s funny. 😛

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